TION is a new generation of research, design, manufacturing and business partners who provide the entire cycle of high-tech products. The company develops, manufactures and markets high-tech smart and energy efficient ventilation systems and air purification products.
Tion Air Purifier is a professional air purifier with integrated decontamination function. Tion technology has been developed specifically for healthcare applications. The Air Purifier is the ultimate protection against infections, allergens, toxins, mildew spores, pollutants, odours and hazardous gases. Comprehensive technology allows you to kill all types of bacteria, viruses and spores, and deeply cleanse all types of pollution. The filtration and decontamination class complies with health standards.

• operating theatres, ICUs, haematological, oncological and infectious rooms, laboratories, exotic diseases clinics
• wherever there is movement of patients with impaired immunity, isolated rooms at each ward


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